Mission Statement

The Sultan Center mengemban Misi Peningkatan Kapasitas dan Kapabilitas Masyarakat melalui edukasi Kebijakan dan Implementasi Nilai-nilai Kepemimpinan yang Transformatif.


Program Kegiatan The Sultan Center berbasis pada Peningkatan Kapasitas dan Kapabilitas Masyarakat melalui Program Edukatif.

Energy Conservation Upgrades

By allowing homeowners to design their climate control systems, a programmable thermostat improves heating and cooling efficiency.

Voice/Video Installation

Voice or video installation is essential for any industrial or even domestic houses for better security and monitoring systems.

Site Lighting Installation

When it comes to installing site lighting poles, I have the advanced equipment to install at your house or commercial areas to cover it properly.

Door Entry System Installation

Door entry system can be installed anywhere for extra security purposes. I have the technology to easily install it at your convenience.